The End of a Legacy... Google Postini is shutting down for good!

Google announced it will shut down Postini services at the end of 2013 and migrate Postini customers to Good Apps – a completely new service and infrastructure. Analysts are reporting that uncertainty is high among professional enterprise users and should check out migrating to alternative providers. With Google Apps, enterprise customers will get: No Automated Migration, Fewer Features & Reports, and Overall Less Protection.

Read the “Google Shutting Down Postini” Letter:

Dear Postini customer,

Following is an update on your Postini service transition to the Google Apps platform. Postini services that are transitioning to Google Apps include Google Message Security (GMS) and Google Message Discovery (GMD). With the transition to Google Apps, you'll receive similar email security and archiving capabilities, and can continue to use your existing email servers.

Your Postini service isn't changing now, but the transition to Google Apps will take place next year.

Choosing your option
You can choose to transition your service to Google Apps or end your service at your renewal date.
Starting in Q1 2013 and prior to your next renewal, we will email you the following documents about your service options:

What it means

Transition Amendment
Gives Google the permission to transition your Postini service to the Google Apps service

Google Apps Agreement
A standard agreement for your new Google Apps service

Postini Notice of Non-Renewal (delivered via postal mail)
Notification that your current Postini service ends at the upcoming renewal date

If you want to transition your Postini service to Google Apps
You can sign the online Google Apps Agreement and the Transition Amendment.

If you haven’t decided about transitioning
You can wait to make a decision up until your renewal date. If you decide to transition to Google Apps, you must sign the online Google Apps Agreement and the Transition Amendment before your renewal date. Otherwise, your Postini service will be terminated upon your renewal date, and you will not have the option to transition to Google Apps.

If you want to end your Postini service
You don’t need to sign any documents. Your Postini service will end at the renewal date according to the Postini Notice of Non-Renewal.

Please be on the lookout for an email with links to the service documents. You can also find FAQs and more information in the Postini Transition Resource Center.

Start date for transitions
We'll begin transitioning Postini services to Google Apps in 2013. If you're using outbound email filtering or Google Message Discovery, we'll migrate your service later in 2013.

You will receive notification of your transition schedule 60-90 days in advance, and we’ll send reminders as the date approaches. We will provide tools and resources to help automate the transition process.

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